Bot Setup

These are the proper roles and permissions to setup the bot in your server.


Please ensure you grant the Bot your "Bot" role and place it above any roles that you may give out as rewards with the bot. Ensure your Bot role grants the bot access to channels.

The Bot will NOT be able to grant a role if it is not placed ABOVE that role in the role heirarchy.

User access to Commands

Your general users should only have access to the "Submit" "Vote" and "Leaderboard" commands in the bot.

To restrict access to the other bot commands, go to Server Settings -> Integrations and click on the Get SMOK3D Bot. Then Add the Roles you wish to restrict access to commands for by clicking this button:

Add the role you want to have access to the bot (typically your general verified user role) and click the X to deny them the majority of commands.

Then give this same role the permission to use the specific commands "Vote" "Leaderboard" and "Submit" in the section beneath like this:

You can also restrict the bot to certain channels in this menu. But we suggest to allow them in most of your public channels.

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